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Tightening With Venus Freeze Treatments

Many people can relate to the feeling of frustration when it comes to their appearance. Even after long standing attempts to firm up their figures by maintaining a proper diet and exercising regularly, some may still find that they suffer from sagging, loose skin and cellulite regardless of their actual weight or clothing size.  This lessens the visual results of a lot of hard work. Many may have considered the possibility of cosmetic surgery but shy away from anything that may be too invasive out of fear or affordability. There are other cosmetic procedures available now that are far less intimidating.

plastic surgeon

Venus Freeze is a device used for non-invasive skin tightening procedures. The device has the FDA’s approval and utilizes magnetic pulses in combination with Radio Frequency to create aesthetically pleasing results for patients.  The Venus Freeze has various options as far as treatment application goes. It can be applied to the face or body to improve the look of loose skin, cellulite, wrinkle reduction as well as the ability to reduce the circumference of fatty areas of the body. With Venus Freeze treatments you can contour and shape areas of your body the way you want it. You can improve your problems areas resulting in a toned and trimmer look you can be proud of.

Receiving the Venus Freeze treatment is like getting two collagen restoring therapies at once.  Your skin’s elasticity and overall strength is improved. This treatment regenerates fibroblasts, which are the cells that create your skin’s structure. It also creates a generation of new blood cells to the treated area, tightening skin. The second therapy melts away fat giving the skin a smoother, slimmer look.

The treatments are performed by medical professionals and are both safe and comfortable for the patient.  The mixture of energy penetrates deeply into the skin’s layers, heating from the inside out, stimulating collagen fibers to contract and elastin fibers to unravel, revealing a firmer look and feel to the skin’s surface.  Patients feel a warm sensation throughout the treatment and even a light massage.  The entire procedure is painless and has been compared to receiving a hot stone massage.

Is Venus Freeze the right treatment for you? A consultation with a medical professional will render that answer for you. If you’re looking for a safe, affordable, painless and effective cosmetic procedure to help you reduce the width of your thighs or create a trimmer stomach. Or if you’re seeking tighter buttocks, perhaps a tightening of the face and “chicken wing” area of the upper arms, Venus Freeze may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Plano based plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Adelglass, founder of Skintastic Medical and Surgical Skin Rejuvenation Centers, has been a partner with Smooth Solutions of Dallas Texas since September of 2012. He is a member of both, the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He has performed thousands of cosmetic treatment procedures throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth and Plano Texas area. If the Venus Freeze procedure is the skin tightening option you’d like to explore, contact Smooth Solutions to discuss your treatment plan.