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Smooth, Hair Free Skin with No-pain

June 30, 2013- People, women especially spend a great deal of money and time trying to rid their bodies of unsightly hair. Shaving is time consuming, and there’s the chance of nicking your skin, or getting razor burn. Waxing is a good alternative, but waxing can cause rashes, bumps and ingrown hairs. And every few days to several weeks the hair-removal process begins all over again.

laser hair removal

Hair-removal can be annoying and painful, but the professionals at SKINTASTIC in Dallas have a pain-free solution to give you smooth, stubble-free skin with permanent results, laser hair removal.

SKINTASTIC exclusively offers the Candela Alexandrite laser system for permanent hair removal, because they believe this is a highly effective method to eliminate hair from the face, legs, bikini-area, and the back.

Many people have heard of the benefits of laser hair –removal, but aren’t sure how the process works. This process utilizes lasers which target individual hair follicles; the melanin in the hair attracts the heat from the laser sending the heat to the root of the follicle. Once targeted with the laser, the follicle root will cease to grow hair. The professionals at SKINTASTIC expertly time the laser pulses in order to avoid burning the skin and tissue surrounding the treated follicles.

While laser hair-removal is a very safe procedure, any considering the process should find a professional that has skillfully performed a number these procedures. A qualified laser hair removal technician knows the proper settings that will effectively target the melanin– which gives the hair its color–and will protect the surrounding skin from burns. The technician must take into account the density and darkness of the hair to be removed for optimal results.

Laser hair removal is effective, but it takes more than one treatment. The professionals at SKINTASTIC say that 60 to 80 percent hair removal with the first treatment is successful; it is extremely rare to have 100 percent removal since many follicles at the time of treatment are dormant, either the follicle is not undergoing a growth period or it has already shed the hair.

The number treatments you need are determined by your hair color and how many follicles are dormant at the time of the initial and subsequent treatments. The clinicians at SKINTASTIC recommend several treatments over a period of seven months to a year.

It’s important that people who decide on laser hair removal know that they will experience some discomfort immediately after their treatment. Some patients have redness, slight skin discoloration, and may feel sunburned immediately following their hair removal session. Any discomfort from laser hair removal should only last a few days.

SKINTASTIC’S patient care coordinator Karen Lamoine has 15 years’ experience with laser hair removal so patients can be confident that they are in the right hands.

In addition to laser hair removal, the skilled staff at the SKINTASTIC has a number of treatments to offer, which include microdermabrasion, spray tanning and different skin care products to make your skin beautifully smooth.