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For Men

Laser Hair Removal isn’t just for women; more and more men are discovering the benefits of living a hair free life. A man’s skin requires just the same amount of attention as a women’s skin to keep it looking healthy and youthful.

Many men have to deal with “razor bumps” (pseudofollifulitis barbae) because of hairs that grow back into the skin as they grow out which causes a red itchy rash that can cause discomfort and even be painful. Laser Hair Removal can put an end to this by disabling the hair follicles’ ability to grow. If there is no more hair then there is no need to shave, which means there will be no more red bumps.

Whether you’re embarrassed to be seen without your shirt on or you’re tired of having to shave your beard on a daily basis, Laser Hair Removal from Smooth Solutions could be the right treatment for you. Easily and painlessly get rid of unwanted hairs and avoid the hassle of shaving.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal for men are countless. Aside from removing the embarrassment of excessive hair and unwanted bumps, Laser Hair Removal will leave you looking healthy and radiant and making your skin look younger. The most popular area for treatment is of course the neck and beard areas but can also be performed in other areas like the chest, back and arms. Laser Hair Removal can be performed anywhere that you want your skin soft and smooth.

Laser Hair Removal treatment will leave you feeling more confident and secure whether you are in a business setting or on a first date. And now that your skin is soft and smooth she will want to cuddle all the time!

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