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What is Laser Hair Removal?
Laser Hair Removal is the usage of laser lights to overheat hair follicles causing them to die and fall out never to regrow.

Does Laser Hair Removal only work on dark hair?
The laser is attracted to the pigment or melanin in the hair. This light causes the follicle to overheat and die. Blonde, grey and red hair does not contain dark pigment and cannot be seen by the laser thus Laser Hair Removal does not work on this hair colors.

Is laser hair removal permanent?
Permanent hair removal cannot be guaranteed. Laser Hair Removal is a process that takes time and works differently on everyone because of their body chemistry and make up.

How many laser treatments are recommended?
5-7 treatments is the average number of treatments, but this is an average and some people will see significant results after few treatments and some people will require more treatments to see results.

Is Laser Hair Removal painful?
Laser Hair Removal is no more painful then waxing, though everyone has a different pain tolerance.

Is it true that Laser Hair Removal can cause more hair then what I started with?
This has not been medical proven to happen but everybody will react to this treatment differently and it is possible but a very rare occurrence.

What area of the bodies can be treated?
All parts of the body can be treated, with the exception of the area under the eyebrow. Popular areas for women include the upper lip, chin, under arms, bikini lines, arms and legs; for men the popular areas are the beard area, back and shoulders.

How do the lasers effect moles, freckles and tattoos in the area being treated?
Small freckles and moles do not require any special provisions, however large dark moles and freckles will require that the intensity of the laser light be reduced. They would require the same adjustments as the treatment of a dark-skinned or tanned person. Tattoos are not typically an issue because hair does not generally grown in tattooed skin.

Why does hair appear to keep growing for a few weeks after treatment?
The lasers destroy the root of the hair but do not remove it. The dead hair follicles will naturally pushed out until they simply fall out. During this process it may appear that the hair is growing when it is naturally falling out.

Are there any activity restrictions after treatment?
There will not be any restrictions to your activities because Laser Hair Removal does not break the skin. There will be restrictions to tweezing, waxing and shaving the areas treated and the will be explained to you at the time of treatment.