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About Us

The FDA first approved pigment-targeting lasers to be used for permanent hair reduction in 1997. In the late summer of 1997 Smooth Solutions was founded with the purpose of providing high quality Laser Hair Removal at affordable prices. Based on our research we use Candela Lasers because they have proven to be the most effective for laser hair removal and deliver safe and effective results.

Over the past two decades laser hair removal has become popular because of the speed and efficiency of this treatment. Since opening our doors we have completed over 650,000 treatments making Smooth Solutions the most experienced Laser Hair Removal company in Texas.

In September of 2012 Smooth Solutions established a partnership with Plano based physician, Dr. Jeffrey Adelglass and his staff at Skintastic. Through this new affiliation we now have an even more experienced staff and can now offer new and exciting treatments. Our experience allows us to develop advanced training processes that enable our staff to help you get the results you desire more quickly and effectively than any of our competitors.

Dr. Adelglass has always been interested in laser technologies and worked with others in the industry to ensure all providers in Texas are licensed and certified by the State of Texas. Prior to our affiliation with Dr. Adelglass our internal training program was certified by the state and is recognized as one of the best facilities. Our physicians have often been called on by others as experts in the field of laser hair removal and have provided answers for questions on protocols.

Smooth Solutions Dallas has primarily been focused on Laser Hair Removal but has added additional services such as laser rejuvenation (IPL photo facial, skin tightening), body contouring (laser lipo, fat and cellulite reduction) and medical weigh loss programs that will compliment your skin care and enhance your smooth skin.

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