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How it works

Only approximately 30% of the hair follicles on your body are active at one time leaving the remaining follicles dormant or in a state of rest. Laser light is attracted to pigmentation and only active follicles have pigmentation. This means only active hair follicles can be a target for the laser’s light.

The process by which Laser Hair Removal works is very simple. The pigment (also known as melanin) in your hair absorbs the light energy from the laser and it is converted into heat. This then overheats the follicle and permanently disables hair growth in that follicle. Because of the need for pigmentation to absorb the light, this procedure does not work effectively on gray, white, blonde or red hair follicles.

The efficiency of Laser Hair Removal is now widely recognized throughout the dermatology industry and new strides are constantly being made to advance the field. At Skintastic you can rest assured that your treatment will be completed under the care of physicians that are highly trained in the art of Laser Hair Removal.

How often to treat

Treatment sessions are spaced 8-16 weeks apart; the reason for this spacing is to allow follicles that were not actively growing during your previous treatment to enter an active phase of hair growth. The space in between treatments allows the hair follicles to fully mature and become their thickest thus making your treatments more effective. The number of treatments you need is based on several variables including the individual and the area being treated.

The Laser Equipment

At Skintastic we use Candela Lasers as well as an exclusive new system – the Vectus laser system – and can treat all skin colors because of our ability to use different wavelengths.

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